Yoga with Lydia

Sunbird Backbend

Lydia is a full time yoga instructor, teaching within Essex and Central London. Coming from a Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA background, Lydia initially took up yoga as a way to recover from a debilitating back injury. Through the practice of  yoga, Lydia’s injury not only subsided, but her overall athletic performance improved as a result of her increased strength and flexibility. As someone that has experienced the best of what yoga can offer, Lydia strives to provide the same for her students.

Lydia structures her classes round providing easy, intermediate and hard options on many yoga poses, that way both beginners and experienced practitioners can participate and tailor their class to their level of ability.  Lydia teaches Hatha yoga, which is a calm and restorative type of yoga, in addition to Dynamic/Power yoga, which is a more strength based, fitness and core orientated style of yoga. Both styles are good workouts and offer their own range of health benefits.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your sports performance, or someone simply looking to get fit and flexible – yoga is the best practice anyone could commit their time to, for both its physical and mental benefit. You will develop core strength, improve your flexibility, range of motion round the joints, whilst simultaneously learning how to breathe properly. Lydia closes her yoga classes off with meditation at the end, so you will learn how to properly unwind as you become in-sync with the flow of your breath.


Classes at Synergy will be held on Monday 9.30am -10.30am and Sunday 1.45pm – 3pm