Getting back on track after a ‘slightly’ over-indulging Christmas

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So after Christmas peak week (or two) of over indulging on Mince Pies and Quality street strawberry creams, you thought it’s time to get back on track before we hit 2018…

Great! Here are a few things to consider when getting back on track…

-RE-hydrate! You’re probably quite bloated from the festive season and holding onto excess water weight due to high sodium intake… Up your water to 3-4 litres a day and it’ll soon go down.

-Introduce a lemon or lime based hot water detox drink when you wake up! This will cleanse your body of toxins, boost your metabolism and set a healthy mindset for the day ahead.

- re-introduce lots of micronutrients to your diet through green smoothies, green salads and lots of different colours and textures from vegetables. Aim for at least five different vegetables a day.

- Track your protein intake to make sure you’re getting an adequate amount to keep you feeling fuller for longer-reducing your overall caloric intake. Reducing your caloric intake will mean your body will start using up all those extra calories eaten over Christmas for energy and therefore storing less as body fat.

-Get back in the gym! Expenditure is another great way to use up those extra calories eaten over Christmas, get some heavy lifts in and take advantage of feeling so strong! After all, you are FULL of energy, right? Add in some light cardio too to burn off those extra Kcals, but don’t find yourself on the treadmill for hours on end ‘punishing’ you for over indulging. Simply, view exercise as a way to get strong, toned and releases those good endorphins! Exercise should make us HAPPY!

-Get some good quality sleep in; Aim for 7-8 hours a night to get in some real recovery and reduce Cortisol( A stress hormone that holds onto fat).

Try to execute the tips above and get back on track ready for the New Year to smash your body composition goals! Ask yourself; am I serious about my goals? Am I willing to do whatever it takes to achieve a body I can maintain for the rest of my life? Do I want to go another year of yoyo dieting to find myself yet again in the same position I started in, yet with a worse relationship with food?


For any extra advice feel free to contact myself(Tori) via email: for any extra help or Private training sessions.

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