Regan Phillips PT

Regan is one of our Personal Trainers who specialises in strength training. He has a background in rugby, power lifting and strongman and uses aspects of these sports with his clients. He also has experience teaching Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, bodybuilding and Cross-fit workouts.

Years of intense strength training means that Regan has had his fair share of injuries. This has however given him a greater understanding on how to rehabilitate and train around them. If you are recovering from a certain injury, he will be happy to go through a rehabilitation program with you. Regan’s experience with weight loss comes from having to lose body fat in order to get below weight categories in power lifting and strongman, usually loosing around 2 stone within a few months. Therefore, he knows about dieting and weight loss and will be able to help you with your nutrition. So if you’re looking to increase your athletic performance, increase your muscle mass, loose some bodyfat or just learn some new training techniques, why not inquire about a free personal training session.

Regan offers a free trial session for anyone considering personal training, so give him a call on 07951 793 856 or message him on Instagram @reganphillips_pt