Krav Maga Classes

Learn Krav Maga within a safe, fun environment where our aim is to teach techniques you can use straight away. You will be able to use the techniques from your very FIRST lesson immediately on the way home. Call now on 07725544867 to book your first class.

Here is Head Instructor Ricky Manetta to explain more:

We run Krav Maga classes for men, women and kids. Everyone is welcome.

With over 25 years of experience Ricky Manetta will teach you the Krav Maga, widely acknowledged as the most dynamic self defence system available today.Ricky teaches techniques adapted from what the Israeli Military Special Forces use today in active duty.

More reasons to learn Krav Maga with Ricky

  • First lesson is FREE – let Ricky show you how to defend yourself for free
  • Suitable for everyone and all ages – Men, women and children.
  • Nationally recognised and certified instructors.
  • Ricky is trusted to advise and provide self defence solutions for the 2012 Olympic security team, London Taxi Drivers Association, local schools and councils, plus hundreds of students.
  • Ricky is also the head co-ordinator for the UFC.

Need more information? Please call 07725544867.