Group Training classes

We have various Strength and Conditioning classes on through the beginning of the week

Our brand new functional training room hosts a bunch of new fun fitness classes, descriptions of each can be seen below.

Strength and Conditioning

If you’re looking for some expert coaching on how to get stronger and fitter, then this is the class for you. Run by our qualified instructors with experience in strongman and powerlifting, this is where you can shift some big weights and have a laugh at the same time. The classes will be based around compound, functional movements with freeweight and bodyweight exercises. We always finish with a fitness blaster so expect to get a sweat on before you leave!


Using techniques from CrossFit workouts you’ll definitely be on the floor by the end of this class. Crossfit focuses on increasing fitness and endurance by using a variety of exercises and training methods. Our qualified instructors will guide you through the workout and then the clock will be on for you to compete against your fellow class attendees! If you want to increase your fitness and try a CrossFit style workout then come down and have a go!

Bodyweight Training

If you want an introduction to calisthenics, then this is the class for you. Want to learn how to do a muscle up, handstand, human flag… or any other impressive bodyweight movements?… Then come down to our class! Each week will be focused on a different exercise where you will learn the progression exercises in order to execute the final movement. Expect to have some movement drills and bodyweight circuits too!


First class is free

Members – £5

Non Members – £10