Fitness Friday Issue 18 – Fitness Friday is back!

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Fitness Friday is back!


We are happy to announce that our weekly blog is back!


We know that achieving your fitness goals takes a lot more than going to the gym a couple of times a week.  We are committed to going that extra mile by providing you with advice and information that will help you achieve your goals.  Every week we will be providing a range of educational content on this blog to help both our members and non-members on their journey to fitness.


At Synergy Fitness we have members of all shapes and sizes but all with one common goal.  We have trainers and instructors from a range of backgrounds who will be able to help you no matter what you are trying to achieve, from competing in a bodybuilding contest to just shedding a few extra pounds for that holiday, we are here to help.


This blog will be written by all of our staff.  This means that you get a mixture of advice for you to try which stops you getting bored in the gym.  We have a number of personal trainers with different approaches to their training such as bodybuilding coaches, Jiu Jitsu black belts, strength athletes, martial arts instructors etc so the information you see on this blog will always be different.


Make sure that you check in next Friday and follow us on our Facebook page for more information and updates!

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