Fitness Fitness Issue 16 – Motivation For 2014

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Fitness Fitness Issue 16 – Motivation For 2014. By John Thomson

Hi everyone,

If you’re feeling a little lost regarding your training and nutrition here’s a little article to get the best years training you have ever had. After having worked for over 30 years in the fitness industry I have met every personality type you can imagine, but there are common denominators in what motivate people to train successfully.

Notice I said train successfully…………….

This is really important, prescriptive training and nutrition ( a routine, and diet ) MUST have an intended positive outcome EG, a better looking leaner body. Just exercising and hoping for a result (with no science behind the prescription) is like shooting at a target in the fog. Very unlikely to be successful and could be dangerous.

There are clear winners and losers.

The losers are the ones who join the Gym in January and after a few weeks have disappeared. Personally I don’t think the money wasted matters just to lose the fantastic opportunities and benefits of the fitness lifestyle.


So let’s give you a winner’s formula………

1- Develop a positive attitude.

2- Use science to your advantage

3- Get amazing results fast

4- Plan

5- Use a trainer.


Let’s take a look at the winner’s formula,

1- Positive Attitude


Get happy get motivated read motivational books. Spend time around positive people. Ditch the negative words and language and adopt a positive attitude. Mirror successful people. I recommend reading “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.

2- Use Science
Exercise is a poor prescription for fat loss (Fact) and a correctly formulated weight training routine using safe postures is an exact science to prescribe. Get the best possible advice for your workout / nutrition prescription so you can be really excited about the eventual outcome. Never train for over one hour, never try to burn fat in the gym. Never train over 3-5 times a week.


3- Get Amazing Results Fast.

80% of your clothes you wear 20% of the time. 20% of your clothes you wear 80% of the time. Pareto Principle, the 80 / 20 law. In the gym 20% of the members will get 80% of the results. Be one of the 20% don’t guess, apply science do your homework get motivated don’t overtrain, get your attitude positive.


4- Plan

Plan your diary to fit your workouts into your hectic lifestyle. Plan your food in advance, use Tupperware. Shop in advance, cook in advance write your routine and diet down. Set goals, plan to lose fat at 1-2lb a week ( if that’s your goal ). Plan your weigh in days. Plan to get stronger, expect results fast.


4- Get a trainer

I have performed over 100,000 Personal Training client workouts, I have worked with Obese clients, Celebrity Clients, Bodybuilders, Fitness Athletes, Figure Contestants, Gym owners, Sports Scientists, Colleges and Schools, Doctors, and Charities. All had one thing in common, they wanted improved knowledge!!! Resulting in better RESULTS.

No one wants to pay money for nothing except wasted effort. A trainer should work step by step towards your personal physical goals and offer guaranteed results.

Can you imagine the Bodybuilders and Physique competitors who come to me for pre contest conditioning, not getting the resulting results from the advice given. So get a great trainer, you will have invested wisely and save money in the long run. If your trainer lacks confidence energy and enthusiasm get another.


In Short…………..

If you’ve joined the gym you might as well train well / smart when you get in. If you’ve committed to fat loss you might as well eat well / smart each time you have a meal. Simple but why waste time?


Why do we want to join the Gym what’s our motivation?

You will find that you are far more likely to still be attending the gym in a few months time if you can find a reason to do so. I call this your “Anchor”. This may be a very personal reason and you may need to keep your Anchor private but, always remember your Anchor when you get motivated to train.

Bad examples of Anchors are……

  • My other half wants me to lose weight
  • I just want to feel fitter
  • I want to get a six pack
  • My friends tell me I need to tone up.


An Anchor needs to be a powerful motivator and can be a number of goals. Find a strong Personal Anchor, brand it in your mind.


Set small goals.


Look to make small changes week by week that add up to a massive annual transformation. EG, 1lb of fat loss per week is a massive 52lb by this time next year. 1lb of muscle gain a month is a huge 12lb lean gain in a year.


You are lucky if you have joined Synergy as you have access to a tremendous free weight gym and healthy eating is available in the Cafe.  During January we are asked so many questions about losing the holiday lb’s so I thought I’d give you a few examples and hope you find them helpful.



After the Christmas and New Year festivities why do I find it really hard to get back to healthy eating and regular training, ???



Once we “let go” and start indulging we get the taste for sugar. Sugar is one of the most addictive chemicals on the planet. All the treats build up an addiction and habits of regular desserts after most meals. Once you realise the effect its having on your waistline it’s time to get it in check.

Try to get back into your regular proteins and veggies consumption and wean yourself off the sugar and fats. Work with your trainer and bring your diet diary in for more motivation. Nothing beats writing it all down. Consistent workouts will help get you back into fitness and strength. This will motivate you to eat better to fuel those better workouts. Set yourself goals and keep a training diary.

Remember “those who fail to plan to fail”



Can you give me some top tips for getting lean this summer.



Keep a diet diary and work with your trainer towards your goals.

Eat 4-6 small meals a day

Try to eat a minimum of 100g of protein a day over 4 snacks

Plan your cooking and meals in advance.

Try to be a little more inventive in 2012, be more adventurous with your food choices. Try new recipes and eat more differing types of proteins rather than just Chicken or Tuna.

Proteins like Chicken Livers, Crayfish, and Turkey, Venison are ideal choices.

Eat lots of salad and vegetables.

Make your own coleslaw, cut red cabbage / white cabbage, and add a little lemon juice, low fat salad cream and natural yogurt, with black pepper.

Bake your veggies in the oven, (peppers, onions, courgettes, shaved carrot, etc) and freeze in bags for later.

Avoid, salt, sugar, oil, butter, margarine, nuts, sweets, crisps, chocolate, cheese ( hard cheese)

Avoid, oestrogen releasing products, Bread, Pasta, Wheat Cereals, Soya, Excessive Alcohol.

To get lean fast eat mostly white Proteins, Cod, Turkey, Egg whites, Cottage Cheese etc, and lots of vegetables and salad. Eat your carbohydrate last in your meals and try to fill up on the Proteins and Veggies first.


Question, I find it difficult to get motivated to train hard, and my workouts seem to get better and more intense towards the end of the session. Why is this?.



I have always noticed that clients who rush in late for a workout very rarely train well.

Try to get into the Gym at least 15 minutes early for your workout. Just getting in there will allow you to switch on mentally to the workout ahead. Get a coffee and mentally get positive about the workout ahead. Do your warm ups and stretch a little. Mentally rehearse your goals and tell yourself why you are there.


These things will make a huge difference to your workout outcome, and give you protection against injury.

Running in late and stressed, and fitting in to a workout already in progress will often be better than nothing, but not as productive as it could be.

Top tips for a better workout.

1, Leave your phone in the locker and switch it off.

2, Get in early and warm up.

3, Eat an apple prior to your workout.

4, Drink water while you train.

5, Focus on the workout – not the football from the night before.

6, Visualise a good workout and a positive outcome

7, Be positive and love the training experience.


Go for it,

Hope you enjoyed the 16th issue of ‘Fitness Friday’ – if you have any questions or comments on any of the above, please either leave a comment below, call me on 07718096476

See you in the Gym and be regular! 

John Thomson


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