Fitness Friday Issue 15 – New Year, New Me!

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Fitness Friday Issue 15 – New year new me! by John Thomson 

Master plan for getting in shape for 2014.
So you want to get those abs out and get some muscle mass and cuts for 2014. I bet millions of worldwide people are hoping for those same results in 2014. But only a tiny percentage will succeed and by this time next year, more New Year Body Hopefuls will be guessing what they should do to get the results craved by so many.

So I’m going to give you all the secrets for “Free”!!!!!! I’m prepared to once and for all unlock the code to amazing results. This applies to everybody - even “mere mortals” and there is no need for pills potions shakes drugs or any other fads. All you need is a little willpower and then let the science do the rest. What I’m going to say will upset a few, but hopefully inspire and educate others who are a little open minded.

So part one;

Fat Loss

 If you want to get lean, you will have to prioritize your focus on nutrition. Your nutrition plan must allow for fat loss ( not weight loss) and must also support your athletic endeavor in the Gym in your quest for muscle and tone.

In other words, you need to lose fat, whilst building muscle / fitness / strength at the same time. Fat loss must be a slow process. 1lb of fat is equivalent to approx 3,500 calories, so, to lose 1lb a week, you will need to burn 500 fat calories each 24hours to lose only 1lb. Since 70% of the energy we use whilst sleeping is fat, this is generally where we can lose our fat at
night whilst dreaming the night away. Once we start exercising, there is a shift in preference towards carbohydrates and basically we turn off the fat burning process. So if you lose 1lb of fat a week over the next 30 weeks, you won’t need suffer or starve. Then it’s far more likely you won’t rebound and pile all the weight back on. So this is a new habit / lifestyle change, NOT a moody starving short term diet fad. This system is the only one designed to help you tone up whilst losing fat.

The Nutrition

Priority 1- Eat lots of Salad and Vegetables.

Each and every main meal make sure a minimum of half your plate is an attractive pile of coloured veggies, stir fry vegetables or salad. Be inventive, don’t make it boring. Use everything and be imaginative, add balsamic vinegar, a spoon of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Lemon juice, Raspberry, pineapple, pomegranate etc as a garnish. Don’t be lazy, make it appetizing. Make your own low fat coleslaw. I buy stir fry from Aldi and just take handfuls with my meals

Priority 2- Add your protein.

Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Cottage cheese, Steak, Liver, Venison, Ostrich, Egg Whites etc. All the white proteins are the lowest fat, turkey being one of my favourites. Aldi do Turkey Crown that’s great value and can be frozen. You can mix your proteins, at each meal e.g. Fillet Steak and Crayfish / turkey omelette. I would recommend you eat 3-4 of these Protein and Salad / Vegetable meals a day.

For Example,
Breakfast- Turkey omelette large salad with balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle of Parmesan and black pepper.
Mid morning - Apple or Grapefruit, or meat based protein shake.
Lunch - Butterfly chicken breast large salad.
Mid PM - Tuna and onion salad.
Dinner - Cod steak, broccoli, coleslaw.

This is just a starting point and may not suit everyone. Portion size is not restricted as long as at least half to three quarters of your plate is veggies / Salad. You can add some starchy carbs if you really need to but try to eat the protein and veggies prior to eating any starches.


This style of eating will be generally from Monday to Friday and then we will increase carbs at the weekend. The eating will match the training routine (I will explain later).

The training

There are two routines I would recommend.

Routine 1 – Beginner up to experienced / advanced trainer.
From Monday
Day 1 – Chest and Biceps ( 45mins)
Day 2 – Back and Triceps ( 45 mins)
Day 3 – Legs ( 45mins)
Day 4 – Shoulders / Calves
Routine 2 – Very experienced advanced trainer only.
From Monday
Day 1 – Chest and Back ( heavy challenging growth stimulating workout)
Day 2 – Shoulders
Day 3 – Legs
Day 4 – Chest and Back,( high rep carbohydrate depletion training)
Day 5 – Arms optional day.

Your weeks nutrition

If you train Monday – Friday, eat mostly the Protein / salad / veggies combination during this phase. Once you finish your 3-5 days training you can introduce more starches / carbohydrate over the weekend. Please don’t worry, the veggies and salad will provide adequate carbs early on in your week.

So after training on Friday, you can add a bowl of porridge for breakfast, and a Jacket Potato / Rice with meals at the week end. This will allow your body to carb load ready to fuel the next weeks training ( and keep you sane).


You will find generally as you go though the first days of training Monday on, that you lose weight. This is good and is water depletion from your muscles because of carbohydrate being burnt whilst exercising. A large male of 200lb body mass may drop as much as 4-7lb from Monday to Fridays training. Once you add the starches in at the latter end of the week your body will carb load and your weight will rise accordingly. The secret is to balance your carb loading Friday to Monday so overall you lose 1-2lb by each subsequent Monday morning weigh in. Trust me this is really easy !

Keep a diary of your training and food intake. Plan out your meals and take food in Tupperware to your workplace. Make it all a new habit.


I will remind you to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Avoid adding salt to any foodstuff. If you must drink alcohol try a small glass of Red Wine as infrequently as you can. If you need chocolate, try Green and Blacks 85%  - a few squares. Don’t add sugar / salt to anything. No Juices, no added fat, butter, Margarine, diet Soda is ok if you need a sweet fix, no Nuts.


Eat Protein and Veggies during your training days. Add starches at the end of the week to carbohydrate load the muscles. Calculate to lose approx 1lb a week on each Mondays weigh in.
Look at the long term picture of 20 – 30 lb of permanent fat loss ( if that’s your goal ) over the next 12 months. Eat for health and create good bodily function.

TOP TIPS!!!!!!!!

Avoid cardio machines for fat loss ( waste of time) or any exercises for fat loss. Do not do any core work ( unless you don’t train legs). Always warm up and stretch the body part about to be trained. Never over train. 3-4 workouts of 45 minutes a week maximum. Allow always for “recovery” from your workouts. Keep a training and diet diary. Never attempt any exercise / diet without doctors permission. Try to be motivated and positive. Try drinking black coffee pre workout.


  • 70% of the worlds agriculture is based on and around the following….
  • Sugar Cane
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Maize
  • Soy

The governments want us to eat these products and then calorie count to stay healthy. All these products tend to be genetically modified and are all high glycemic index carbohydrates. Avoid all these like the plague, they will make you fat. Wheat and Soy will make men produce less testosterone and more female hormones. Replace wheat based products with Ryvita or Jacket Potato, and always eat your starches last in your meal. All knowledge has been accumulated over 30 years practical experience in the fitness industry and over 100,000 Personal Training client workouts.

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Hope you enjoyed the 15th issue of ‘Fitness Friday’ – if you have any questions or comments on any of the above, please either leave a comment below, call me on 07718096476

See you in the Gym and be regular! 

John Thomson

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