Fitness Friday Issue 13 – Supplements And Your Choice Of Lifestyle.

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   Fitness Friday Issue 13 – Supplements And Your Choice Of Lifestyle. By John Thomson

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat Germ Oil is readily available in supplement form in your local health food store. This wonder oil contains lots of natural vitamin E., but of greater interest, to enhance your workouts it also contains Octacosanol.

Octacasonal has been documented in various scientific studies. It has the ability to increase oxygen uptake and utilization. In other words you will not need to breathe so hard to cope with challenging exercise. I have used this product and can vouch for its effectiveness. It definitely increases your ability to cope with intense workouts. Squatting and other big lifts are less stressful due to better oxygen consumption and so better recovery between sets. If you are into Endurance sport this will certainly increase your performance.

A super healthy natural supplement packed with goodness! I found one 5ml tea spoon of oil post workout to be an effective dose.

Desiccated Liver Tablets

If you want an inexpensive effective supplement you may want to consider the benefits of Desiccated Liver.

  •  Desiccated (dried) de fatted Liver contains a full spectrum of complete proteins (Amino Acids).
  •  Being a meat based product it is an excellent protein supplement.
  •  Taken In between meals it keeps amino acids in the bloodstream.
  •  Proven to increase endurance and stamina, desiccated liver also has the benefit of a high hemoglobin iron content full of natural B vitamins.
  •  Easily used post workout, or as a mid AM or PM supplement.
  •  Taken as a supplement with some cottage cheese between main meals, adds to the amino acid profile.
  • If you are dieting hard it is ideal to get those proteins in without the calories in between meals.
  •  Liver tablets are known to “build the blood” and can help you achieve a better pump whilst training.


Feeling your age in the morning?
Ivan Albright Picture of Dorian Gray
Top tips to help…
If you wake feeling tired and are suffering from achy joints you may be feeling your age! Alternatively you could look at your lifestyle and make some subtle changes to get an age defying cure.

  •  Drinking too much Alcohol

Alcohol has many side effects, some are well known others are less publicised.
The common problem from drinking excessive alcohol is dehydration, this can cause lethargy, headache and aching joints. If you have to drink alcohol make sure that you limit it as much as possible.

Drinking a pint of water before bed after alcohol consumption may help in offsetting some of the side effects. Alcohol can cause acidity especially with relation to dehydration, acidity long term can cause joint problems and pain

  • Too much of the wrong exercise?

If you are trying to shed some unwanted pounds and are a couple of stone or more overweight please be aware that any form of impact exercise e.g. running, jogging, treadmill etc. is an extremely poor prescription for fat loss. If you are overweight you are very likely to cause unnecessary trauma to your knees and hips. This unrealistic exercise prescription may do more damage than good.

No amount of exercise will guarantee effective fat loss.

Please note: overweight children should not run to lose weight as their bones are still soft and easily damaged.

  •   Not enough of the right exercise.

In our work we come across lots of clients who do little or no exercise.
Carefully prescribed exercise that stimulates the synovial joints will keep the joints mobile.
2-3 short workouts a week of 45 minutes duration with a balanced resistance training routine will strengthen joints, tendons, muscles and increase bone density.

  •  Poor postural habits.

With age men tend to tighten up in certain areas, usually hamstrings and pectorals. Sitting in the car, sitting at the office desk, standing with poor posture. All these can cause tightening of the hamstrings and rounded shoulders.
Learning effective posture and a carefully constructed stretching programme for the tight muscles can alleviate back pain and other associated problems with bad posture and lack of general movement.

Once good posture is gained this gives great foundation for a safe exercise routine.

  • Too much acidity

Sugar rich foods and drinks can cause an excess of acid which can be not only detrimental to the digestive process but can lead to an acid build up in the joints, causing pain and inflammation in susceptible joints. Limiting sweets, desserts, juices and alcohol and acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits could help alleviate symptoms.


Stretching the Facia

The outer shell or bag around your muscle fibre is called the Facia.
Current research supposes that this Facia can inhibit muscle growth. Apparently the Facia is stubborn to stretch and adapt to muscle size increases. So gently stretching the muscle between sets, once it is engorged with blood can help the growth process, by encouraging the stretching of the Facia tissue. This is why a “pump” whilst training has always seemed important to help the muscle size process (pumping and stretching the facia).

This may explain the muscle memory theory. Muscle memory is rebuilding muscle after a break from training. It is well known that muscle will return much faster after a break, than it did to originally build up.
Perhaps because the facia has already been stretched previously the muscle returns faster!

Hope you enjoyed the 13th issue of ‘Fitness Friday’ – if you have any questions or comments on any of the above, please either leave a comment below, call me on 07718096476

See you in the Gym and be regular! 

John Thomson

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