Fat loss starter tips

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We’re going to be sharing with you weekly: recipes, workout and nutrition tips as well as fat loss tips to get you a head start on your journey before the new year sets in! This week’s blog is full of fat loss tips as well as an easy-to-make, cheap/quick, fat free/protein packed meal with step-by-step instructions on how to make it.

  1. Cut out any processed food groups (cakes, biscuits, crisps, sweets, ready meals, cheap sliced meats etc). Doing this one simple step will help with fat loss rapidly.

These food groups give zero nutritional value to your body. They don’t help any of your systems function; they don’t contain any vitamins or minerals.


2. Eat three / four meals per day – Males start at 4 and females at 3. These can be placed at times that are convenient to you, but just make sure they are within 3 – 5 hours of each other.


3. Each meal must contain lean protein (chicken, turkey, white fish), or fatty meat/fish (salmon, mackerel, beef). Start with a portion of protein that is the size of your palm at each meal. Eating protein will support the activity that we’re going to ask you to do in stage 2. Eating protein also helps you to keep full between meals, it also helps you to keep your muscle or build it. Muscle is metabolic, which means it requires a good amount of energy to function. This energy requirement is a key part of the fat loss process.


4. Eat vegetables with each meal (don’t worry about counting them).

Vitamins are essential for our normal physiological functions such as growth and reproduction. Minerals serve as building blocks for our bodily structures; they form the foundation of our teeth and bones and help construct our cells and enzymes.

The healthier your body is the easy you’ll find it to lose body fat. You’ll also have way more energy through the process.


5. Eat a small portion of “good” fats with every meal (if you’re not having a fatty meat or fish source).

Fats provide us with an energy source, they also help manufacture and balance our hormones (you need optimal hormonal levels for fat loss).

Fats are a great choice for a pre workout breakfast (If working out after breakfast) – 2 eggs scrambled and half an avocado with a tsp of olive oil on top.


6. Get better sleep.

Getting quality sleep is crucial for fat loss and muscle recovery. Aim to get between 7 and 8 hours sleep a night. To improve sleep, turn all digital devices off or on “night mode” to reduce the pressure on your eyes and brain. Invest in some Epson bath salts and have a hot bath with these for 20 minutes before going to bed. These will help with relaxation, sleep and muscle recovery.


7. Remove any food that’s because you to become bloated have gas or become irritated. The usual culprits are dairy, eggs, nuts, and in some cases gluten. Cut them out for 14 days and see how you feel without them.

This will likely help you sleep better, improve food digestion, and have way more energy.


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