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Fitness Friday Issue 12 – Great Diet Meal, Light And Heavy Weeks; An Explanation.

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22nd November

Fitness Friday Issue 12 – Great Diet Meal, Light And Heavy Weeks; An Explanation. By John Thomson 

Great Diet Meal
If you want an amazing “Diet Meal” try soup and Tuna.

 Find a low salt low fat low sugar soup you really like.
 Heat up and mix in a can of Tuna.

You will be amazed at how filling this meal will be, it is low carbohydrate and fat, but high protein. Very fast to prepare and very satisfying, also the soup hides the fishy flavour somewhat, making it very palatable.

Light and heavy weeks; an explanation

If you do a great workout and lift really well (heavy) you can expect that the next time you train that you will feel that you cannot repeat the same lifts. This is the nature of training.
Once you achieve a new personal best lift you will … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 11 – Positive Mental Attitude And Being Proactive.

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16th October

Fitness Friday Issue 11 – Positive mental attitude and being proactive. By John Thomson

Positive Mental Attitude

When you dream of a perfect car do you think of an Aston Martin or a Bugatti / Ferrari? Maybe none of the above, but when you purchase your dream car would you

Service it regularly.
Clean and love it.
Make sure it gets the right oil and fuel.

What would happen if you never serviced it and put the wrong fuel and oil in it never cleaned it and left the windows open to the elements at all times? This undoubtedly, you would not logically do. But if you want a dream body, you can buy the dream and get a gym membership. But this will involve three maintenance tasks to keep your fitness / body-shape improving.

Attending the Gym consistently, and training correctly.
Keeping your food “clean”
Building up a focused and … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 10 – Muscle Contracts, Red Twitch Muscle Fibers and White Twitch Muscle Fibers

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16th October

Fitness Friday Issue 10 – Muscle contracts, red twitch muscle fibers and white twitch muscle fibers. By John Thomson

Not all muscle contractions are the same 

Learn how to mentally focus and get better training results from the way you think. Every body has different types of muscle fibers. You basically have:

Red twitch muscle fibers.
White twitch muscle fibers.

White Twitch Muscle Fibers
When we eat chicken breast, the breast tissue is mainly white twitch muscle. This muscle fiber is designed for “explosive contraction”. Therefore sprinters, weight lifters, shot putters, and boxers use a lot of white twitch fibers. When we eat chicken leg, you can see it’s a different colour meat than the breast, and is designed for endurance activity. Therefore endurance athletes, long distance cyclists, marathon runners, etc use predominately red twitch muscle fibers.

Training to tone the body and create a honed athletic … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 9 – Core Training

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10th October

Fitness Friday Issue 9 – Core training. By John Thomson 

Core Training

Please understand that I think all exercise is great, but that’s only if you are exercising for fun. Walking the dog in the park is great recreational exercise, but if you are exercising for a specific purpose, you need to tailor that exercise and nutrition to suit that goal. Core training as a specific exercise prescription means exercising the abdominal section and all associated muscles around that area.

Exercise involves contracting muscles, which burns carbohydrate stores from that area. If the exercise is intense enough, it will stimulate protein synthesis, and therefore growth. This is the same for all skeletal muscle on the human body. Working the abdominal muscles can be effectively completed via a general weight training schedule of compound exercises. Squats, bench presses, pullovers, bent over rowing etc, in fact any form of resistance exercise that involves good … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 8 – A Testimonial, John’s Training Diary And Diet This Week.

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3rd October

Fitness Friday Issue 8 – A testimonial, John’s training diary and diet this week. By John Thomson


We have to Congratulate Craig who has lost an amazing 52lb on the Thomson Diet Plan.

Craig Taylor Testimonial

In July 2009 I suffered a major car accident breaking my collar bone and had spinal damage. I wasunable to train for about 6-8 months. During my rehabilitation I became more and more interested in the body and its workings, and so decided to take a Personal Training course to enable me to do something I enjoyed and was really interested in as a job. At the end of the course I still felt that there was a lot more that I could learn to enhance myself as a Personal Trainer.

The gym that I was training at mentioned John Thomson and the fact that he was the busiest Personal Trainer in … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 7 – High Intensity Training And The Effects of Long Term Calorie Restriction

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26th September

Fitness Friday Issue 7 – High Intensity Training and the effects of long term Calorie Restriction . By John Thomson

There is a so called new exercise fad called HIT. Prescribed as the latest craze promising fitness, tone and fat loss, these so called exercise sessions are short fast paced aerobic type workouts. Claimed to be invented / discovered in 2005, this system of exercise recommends fast short intense bouts of aerobic class based body weight or sprinting exercise.

Well it’s not new and they have changed it to commercialize it!
There exists another controversy related to the development of HIT and its originality. Near the close of the 19th century, a medical doctor by the name of Gustav Zander developed a complete set of exercise machines similar to Nautilus (see below) and also a workout method remarkably close to that … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 6 – Lets Talk About Fat

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19th September

Fitness Friday Issue 6 – Lets talk about fat. By John Thomson 

If training your abs / core / waist etc. makes you slimmer according to the fitness industry, why is it that 80% of the people you see performing these exercises are the overweight and the slim people very rarely do them. All the Gyms and Fitness Centers I have visited over the years, I see the overweight doing the cardio machines, and then in the weights area I am used to seeing guys and gals with good bodies!

Think about it. Even the novice weight trainer knows to eat plenty of protein when trying to tone up.  The big question here is  “Is it the Bodybuilders diet that helps us get lean, or running on the treadmill?”

I keep seeing programmes on the TV … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 5 – The Key To A Good Workout, My Top Tip And Secret To Staying Lean

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12th September

Fitness Friday Issue 5 – The key to a good workout, my top tip and secret to staying lean. By John Thomson


The Key to getting a great workout…FOCUS

Believe it or not you can create a fantastic workout. Hundreds of fantastic workouts can create a fantastic body.

How can I re-invent my approach to my training to get incredible results?

Your workout is a combination of physical effort and mental “focus”. Some people have the ability to “focus” and shut out the world around them when they train. This definitely separates getting results from achieving very little. You will have witnessed this whilst training with others. Watching someone perform a “perfect set” is quite inspiring. You can train your mind to achieve better focus, here are some tips…

 Don’t get distracted, turn up early and mentally think about a successful workout.
Turn off your phone (obvious really).
Link up … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 4 – Food And Getting Amazing Results.

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5th September


Fitness Friday Issue 4 – Food and getting amazing results. By John Thomson

The following secrets are great information for boosting fat loss and increasing strength and definition.

‘Man Boobs and Big Hip’

Eating the following foods can dramatically increase female hormones, which for the guys may increase fat in the Chest area e.g. man boobs.
In ladies, there is an increase in female hormones, which will encourage fat and weight gain usually in the lower body e.g. hips.

Foods that increase female hormone.
1. Wheat products e.g.

Shredded Wheat etc

Recommended substitutes are Jacket Potato, Brown Rice, Porridge Oats and Rye.

2. Soy – Just avoid all Soya products if possible.
3. Alcohol – Drink in moderation. Red wine is the best choice for health benefits. Alcohol seriously increases female hormones.

4. Smoking Marijuana – This can seriously reduce testosterone and increase female hormone.
5. Endurance exercise – too much exercise, … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 3: Injuries, Aches, Calorie Tips & My Recipe Of The Week

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27th August

Fitness Friday Issue 3: Injuries, aches, Calorie tips and My Recipe Of The Week by John Thomson

“Injuries and those annoying little niggles”

If you undertake a routine of exercise. you are extremely likely to suffer some sort of injury during your exercise lifespan. Obviously a lifelong commitment to exercise should outweigh regular debilitating injury.

Warm up the area to be trained.
Avoid exercises that are causing you discomfort, or that do not suit your structure.
Do not let your ego dictate the weights.
Do not over train. The more intense you training, the less time you need to spend training and the more recovery you need.
Always warm up in the confines of each exercise. Pyramid the weights as you adapt to your exercise.
Posture equals safety. Learn to lift safely in good posture or you will get hurt.
 Use a belt … Read More »