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Getting back on track after a ‘slightly’ over-indulging Christmas

28th December

So after Christmas peak week (or two) of over indulging on Mince Pies and Quality street strawberry creams, you thought it’s time to get back on track before we hit 2018…

Great! Here are a few things to consider when getting back on track…

-RE-hydrate! You’re probably quite bloated from the festive season and holding onto excess water weight due to high sodium intake… Up your water to 3-4 litres a day and it’ll soon go down.

-Introduce a lemon or lime based hot water detox drink when you wake up! This will cleanse your body of toxins, boost your metabolism and set a healthy mindset for the day ahead.

- re-introduce lots of micronutrients to your diet through green smoothies, green salads and lots of different colours and textures from vegetables. Aim for at least five different vegetables a day.

- Track your protein … Read More »

Fitness Friday – 20 Injuries

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8th May

This is an excerpt from a Bodybuilding website that I thought was very amusing and very true…

“Fitness is the little sister of bodybuilding. It is becoming very popular in Europe. It basically is bodybuilding without results. 


People who practise fitness have usually no idea about what they are doing. They like to chat with each other in the fitness club. Some of them dream about getting a better physique because the sales people of the fitness club promised them that they would get results automatically as long as they continue to pay their membership in time”.

So if you join a Gym and pretend you know what you are doing you are likely to fail in you endeavour to create a good body.

Below is a very good article I have copied and can’t take credit for but offers … Read More »

Fitness Friday 20 – Blood Sugar Blues

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1st May

“Blood Sugar Blues”

Your blood sugar has a massive impact on how you feel; low blood sugar can be caused by the following:

Missing a meal, going hungry.
Eating High-Glycemic Index (High-GI) foods that spike insulin response.

Your blood sugar is the food converted into glucose / energy circulating in your bloodstream. This sugar is available to be used around the body for various functions:

It can be absorbed into the muscles as Glycogen for muscle contraction (full carbohydrate loading takes 3-5 days).
Used by the Brain as energy.
Or stored as fat!

When blood sugar is low we usually feel hungry telling us to top up our energy levels and if blood sugar gets really low we can suffer certain uncomfortable side effects:

Dizziness Light Headedness / Fainting.
Blurred vision.

Low blood sugar is a stressful condition for the body and low blood sugar status initiates the release … Read More »

Fitness Friday 19 – Group Exercise

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24th April

At Synergy Fitness we understand that it’s hard to keep motivated to go to the gym on your own every day.   Therefore we offer a range of different exercise solutions for those who prefer to exercise in a group.

Group exercise creates a team of people all striving for the same goal.  It creates a sense of community that you don’t get from exercising alone.  You learn names, make friends and all push each other through the hard workouts, and most importantly keep each other coming back!

We have a state of the art dojo which gets used for all of our classes.  From Israeli Special Forces Self Defence to Kettlebell classes, we have the right class for you.  Our classes are for all shapes and sizes and we have different groups for different abilities.  We also offer group personal training sessions … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 18 – Fitness Friday is back!

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17th April

Fitness Friday is back!


We are happy to announce that our weekly blog is back!


We know that achieving your fitness goals takes a lot more than going to the gym a couple of times a week.  We are committed to going that extra mile by providing you with advice and information that will help you achieve your goals.  Every week we will be providing a range of educational content on this blog to help both our members and non-members on their journey to fitness.


At Synergy Fitness we have members of all shapes and sizes but all with one common goal.  We have trainers and instructors from a range of backgrounds who will be able to help you no matter what you are trying to achieve, from competing in a bodybuilding contest to just shedding a few extra pounds for that holiday, … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 17 – Effort Equals Reward?

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7th March

Fitness Friday Issue 17 – Effort Equals Reward? By John Thomson.

Do most peoples exercise effort equal reward?

Questions need to be asked when embarking on an exercise routine, we need to account for:

Possible outcome

Sounds complicated, but not really, just common sense, exercise for pure enjoyment and adrenaline rush may take into account extreme sports such as:

Mountain climbing
Sky diving
Snow boarding
Motocross etc

These sports generally require fitness just to take part, benefits are many, and dangers come with the adrenaline rush. Most of us can see the benefit to risk element involved with this type of exercise/activity.

Often to participate in these sports at a reasonable level will require other fitness activity to compliment  the sports physical challenges. Generally a good dietary lifestyle would be required, and this is shown for example, as you can not skydive if you weigh over 15 stone.

You … Read More »

Fitness Fitness Issue 16 – Motivation For 2014

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31st January

Fitness Fitness Issue 16 – Motivation For 2014. By John Thomson

Hi everyone,

If you’re feeling a little lost regarding your training and nutrition here’s a little article to get the best years training you have ever had. After having worked for over 30 years in the fitness industry I have met every personality type you can imagine, but there are common denominators in what motivate people to train successfully.

Notice I said train successfully…………….

This is really important, prescriptive training and nutrition ( a routine, and diet ) MUST have an intended positive outcome EG, a better looking leaner body. Just exercising and hoping for a result (with no science behind the prescription) is like shooting at a target in the fog. Very unlikely to be successful and could be dangerous.

There are clear winners and losers.

The losers are the ones who join the … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 15 – New Year, New Me!

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10th January

Fitness Friday Issue 15 – New year new me! by John Thomson 

Master plan for getting in shape for 2014.
So you want to get those abs out and get some muscle mass and cuts for 2014. I bet millions of worldwide people are hoping for those same results in 2014. But only a tiny percentage will succeed and by this time next year, more New Year Body Hopefuls will be guessing what they should do to get the results craved by so many.

So I’m going to give you all the secrets for “Free”!!!!!! I’m prepared to once and for all unlock the code to amazing results. This applies to everybody - even “mere mortals” and there is no need for pills potions shakes drugs or any other fads. All you need is a little willpower and then let the science do the rest. What I’m going … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 14 – FAQ!

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13th December

Fitness Friday Issue 14 – FAQ! By John Thomson.


Questions often asked…


Should I train every day for better results?


Please consider that your body can only recover from a definite number of hours of intense exercise each week. If you do not recover from your workouts, you will over train and therefore your results /performance will be compromised. At best you may just stagnate and progress will halt, but usually you will suffer from burn out and adrenal exhaustion. (Overtraining)

Please also consider that more training does not mean that you are burning fat faster because of more exercise. The opposite may be true and you may lose muscle tissue and generally increase your appetite causing more fat gain.

Intensity is the key to stimulating bodily change. No endurance activity I can think of will result in a men’s Health front cover body. The … Read More »

Fitness Friday Issue 13 – Supplements And Your Choice Of Lifestyle.

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29th November


   Fitness Friday Issue 13 – Supplements And Your Choice Of Lifestyle. By John Thomson


Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat Germ Oil is readily available in supplement form in your local health food store. This wonder oil contains lots of natural vitamin E., but of greater interest, to enhance your workouts it also contains Octacosanol.

Octacasonal has been documented in various scientific studies. It has the ability to increase oxygen uptake and utilization. In other words you will not need to breathe so hard to cope with challenging exercise. I have used this product and can vouch for its effectiveness. It definitely increases your ability to cope with intense workouts. Squatting and other big lifts are less stressful due to better oxygen consumption and so better recovery between sets. If you are into Endurance sport this will certainly increase … Read More »